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Your home appliance repair problems will get fix now, by our quick solutions.

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“Is your home appliance stop working?” even if you don’t know what happens and how you fix your appliance.

You don’t need to worry about it all the services are at your home anywhere in Dubai. Hence you just need one call and we will provide the best home appliance repair service without any delay.

Therefore Mr. Fixer Man understands the need of their customer and are ready to provide the home appliances repair service at an affordable price.

We Fix What

By all means we are providing you all the services of home appliances which you need at your home without any struggle and irritation.

Get the Awesome Services

One of the most important things in our offered services is we give discount to our customers.

Services Satisfaction

Whenever an issue arises regarding to the home appliance it will be explained and diagnosed in detail and provide you best solution in no time. Customer Satisfaction is our business and our priority.

Why We For Appliance Repair?

Especially our technicians are proficient and professional in appliance repair field with experience of many years. In addition to home appliance repair, we are serving in this field with quality work and discipline. Above all, we are confident with our team, in sense if you hire a repair for your home appliance from us once, you will never need a home appliance repair again for a while. Indeed our priority is to fulfill customer needs. Moreover, If any kind of fault after our repair occurs again, we will get in touch with you and come back to repair again. In conclusion, don’t worry your work is now our responsibility and customer satisfaction is our growth. For this reason, let’s give us a chance to amaze you with our services.  So that Call now! To see the magic of our technician. He will be on your door in the eye blink time period.

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Our Mission For your Home Appliance Repair

As a result, our mission is not only to provide you paid service but we are also here to reduce your home appliance repair stress and your worries. 

In other words, our customer satisfaction is our business growth. We believe to serve with loyalty and making the standard of our business to provide quality work. We have several types of equipment parts not only to help us grow step ahead consistently but also to our customers' ease.

Furthermore, Mr. Fixer Man is providing you all of your needs in one call. That one call is must for the solution for the repair of your home appliance. So, call us or contact us to take you out of your stress related to home appliance repair. Essentially, these services are present world's need.

Our Offered Home Appliance Repair Services

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More About Our Team

Therefore our team is rich with experience of many years. We have professional and trained technicians with the quality of work. For this reason, our team is ready  24/7, all the day to serve you at any time and any where.

You may need repair of home appliance in your office or school. Even in your home or anywhere to repair the appliance. Particularly we will be there to maintain any kind of repair. Our team’s first priority is to resolve customer problems and to let them feel relax. In other words,  before all the repair process, first we diagnose the issue in front of the customer and then ease them with our work.

However, when we end up the work, we do not left the useless remaining. We clean the disturbing material spread around your place which is useless material. Under those circumstances, our team will always be in touch after repairing your appliance and you need any assistance. Indeed, we will provide you with all your needs. Once you hire repair of home appliance from us, you will never worry again regarding this issue.

You Call We Fix

In other words our team is skilled with experienced of many years we have professional and trained technician. Beyond all we provide with the quality of work our team is ready to 24/7 all the day to serve you at any time. In either case, where it may be your office school. Above all,  home or any other where electric appliances. In other words where the electric application can be used we will be there to maintain it. Overall kind of repair our team's first priority is to also customer problems we are handling all the repairs. Particularly, we plan first and diagnosis the issue. Indeed we solve it, after all, we will clean the disturbing material spread around your place which is useless material during work.


Furthermore, we are providing this service at very affordable prices. So that every type of customer can reach us. We are providing you the best solution in handsome and minimal cost.

However, our technical engineers provides you the professional services. It does not matter that your budget is low or high our quality work will be same. Let’s take a look at all of our services.

Shams W.Pawel

I am taking services from Mr fixerman for a long time. They are very passionate about their work. Recomandated.

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Jarber Jofier

This Is the best service I had ever received.

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Samar Asger

These services are very convenient for us. Definitely Recommended.

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Roster Heper

I avail dryer service in very less service. Satisfied

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